The Benefits of Online Learning

From time to time, some parents and guardians appear to be a little hesitant towards onlinelearning for their children. In this week’s column, I will discuss the benefits and some commonmisconceptions towards online learning. Firstly, I alleviate their concerns by offering afree/no-obligation lesson so they can experience it first-hand without having to make anycommitments. I Read more about The Benefits of Online Learning[…]

Early Signs of Dyslexia

Some of the most common dyslexic symptoms for children under five years old are difficulty learning nursery rhymes, slow speech development, trouble learning the alphabet and the inability to follow multiple instructions, E.g. putting the crayons in their box and putting the box away.  The general signs for primary school children are slow-paced reading, which Read more about Early Signs of Dyslexia[…]


The Day Before the First Test

Be Prepared As your child will be unable to enter the exam hall if they are late, you must have measures inplace to ensure that this doesn’t happen. You also want to avoid rushing, as this can create anenvironment of stress and panic, not a good combination before an exam. Measures mayinclude ensuring that you Read more about The Day Before the First Test[…]