English Tuition

The ESH English tuition programme covers all of the National Curriculum objectives. Below is a list of the topics covered. 

English Tutoring

Reading and Phonics

Education Support Hub is truly passionate when it comes to reading and phonics. The reading and phonics tuition sessions are intensive, but more importantly, lots of fun. An initial assessment identifies where the phonetic gaps are and an immediate plan of action is drawn up to bridge this learning. Towards the end of each session, pupils are given a piece of text that they would have struggled with, and seeing the joy on their faces upon completion makes it all worth-while.


English Comprehension is dreaded throughout schools in Northern Ireland but not at Education Support Hub. Experienced tutor, Daniel Guiney, will provide children with numerous strategies and techniques that allow them to approach english comprehensions with confidence. A favourite technique amongst our kids is being a ‘Reading Detective’ and searching the text to solve the case!


Spellings are directly related to phonetic knowledge. Spelling tuition will coincide with the sound that the child is learning in their phonics session. This helps to further reinforce learning and improve retention. Children are also taught spelling rules and common exception words. At the end of each session, the kids get to test their skills through fun games! 

Punctuation and Grammar

Teachers have nightmares about the lack of capital letters and full stops in children’s work! Education Support Hub helps ensure that your child’s teacher has a good nights sleep. Your child is provided with strategies to improve their use of punctuation including everything from apostrophes to semi-colons.

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