Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens during the free initial assessment?

I fully understand that logging onto Zoom and answering questions may prove daunting for some children. For this very reason, I focus on putting them at ease before proceeding with the assessment. The assessment is very informal, focusing on age-appropriate skills that your child is expected to know. Following the assessment, I have a chat with parents/guardians regarding the best steps forward.

Will my child be able to directly transfer their learning from Education support hub to their school?

At Education Support Hub, in addition to numerous teaching techniques, we use schemes that are used by schools throughout Northern Ireland. Schemes include Busy Ants Maths and New Heinemann Maths. This familiarity will give your child confidence to grow within the classroom, as we not only cover gaps in their learning but pre-teach topics before they are delivered in the classroom. This is a proven intervention method that gives your child a headstart in their learning.


As we provide individually tailored learning plans, the needs of the children will dictate what is covered within the 80 minutes. Planning for each session will be informed from constant assessment and building on previous lessons. Grown-ups will always be kept informed of what areas we are covering. There is also the option of preteaching (teaching a subject before it is delivered in school). Come see why we are Northern Ireland’s premier online tuition centre.

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Why are children taught in Small groups?

The whole purpose of ESH is to aide your child with the tools to reach their potential in the classroom. Working in small groups mirrors a classroom environment, and gives the child confidence being amongst their peers. The initial assessment informs ESH of your child’s learning needs, and children may be covering the same topic, but will be completing different challenges. Additionally, working in small groups is fun and helps promote some healthy competition!

What age groups does ESH teach?

ESH provides tuition for children in P3 to P7 and first year (Year 8) children. I also specialise in AQE and GL Test tuition. Most children begin preparation for the Transfer Test in early P6; however, P5 children also start exploring these as many topics are to cover.

Do I have to commit to ESH for a certain amount of time?

There are no contracts with Education Support Hub! The main reason for this is that after a certain time your child may no longer require intervention from us. 


Initially, ESH had premises in Newry city centre. One silver lining which came from the recent pandemic was switching to online. The move has been phenomenal. Children love the online format, which includes privately chatting answers to me (great for building confidence as it doesn’t put them on the spot). Additionally, the chat feature instantly alerts me to those children who do not fully understand what we have just covered. Children who tend to be easily distracted also thrive with online classes as there is little background noise (reduced with headphones).

Teaching through Zoom also provides me with endless resources through a click of a mouse. Parents have equally loved the move as the lesson is delivered in the comfort of their own home, and an online platform allows me to maximise time spent teaching the children.

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