You Can Do It! Last Minute Transfer Test Tips

The time has finally come! The Transfer Tests start this Saturday 12th November, with the GL Test and the following three Saturdays for AQE pupils. 

The children have worked so hard over the past year, and their efforts deserve to be celebrated no matter the outcome. One of the key benefits of the Transfer Test journey is that it helps instil a hard work ethic. Regardless of what the children do in their lives, if they work hard, they will succeed. The vast amount of new knowledge they have absorbed over the past year will stand by them wherever the journey takes them next.

Make These Last Few Days Count

Although most of the groundwork has already been covered, progress can still be made in these final few days. Agree with your child on one or two topics they constantly struggle with and use this as a point of focus. However, it is critical to maintain an air of calmness while doing this. If a child worries about a specific topic, remind them of all the other topics they have mastered. Likely, a particular topic won’t have more than 1-2 questions, leaving many other marks up for grabs.

Avoid Silly Mistakes 

Try chatting with your child regarding silly mistakes the day before and quickly on the morning of exams.

Please remind your child that lots of silly mistakes arise in questions containing topics they are confident with. This overconfidence can result in rushing and inevitable errors. They should approach these familiar questions with the mentality of ‘I know this – don’t rush – read the question carefully- underline the key information.’

Lots of silly mistakes come from messy working out. Tell your child to ensure their working out is clear and use the extra paper provided if required. It is also a good idea to number their calculations to correspond with the question so they can check it over if they have time at the end.

Take Care When Using the Answer Sheet

During the mock exam I ran, I noticed that some children had circled the correct answer on the test booklet but marked it down wrong on the answer sheet. I tell my pupils that it is a good idea to circle the correct answer on the test booklet. Next, whisper to yourself what the answer is, e.g. 2 c and when transferring it to the answer sheet, whisper it again, e.g. 2c. This strategy helps the children double-check that they are transferring the answer correctly, efficiently and accurately. 

I also noticed that some children had left some answers completely blank. Tell them always to take a guess (educated if possible) and put a huge mark beside the question to come back to if they have time. The same strategy applies to questions that they aren’t sure of. If they spend more than two minutes on a question, take a guess, mark it and move on. 

Good Luck!

I want to take this opportunity to wish all the boys and girls good luck. It has been an absolute privilege helping and getting to know all of the children I have helped over the past year. Keep doing what you have been doing, and remember that you can do it! 

P6 Transfer Test Preparation – Waiting List

P6 Transfer Test preparation spaces are currently full. However, I will be taking on new children when this year’s tests are over in the next couple of weeks. Although it is too early to start practice tests, we will focus on key topics over the next few months. P6 is a hectic year with lots of new material to learn and to improve confidence; they must have a strong understanding of topics before starting practice tests in the New Year. Please contact me today to book a free assessment and reserve your child’s slot.

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