About Us... Our Story

If you are looking for a tutor in the Newry area, then look no further than Education Support Hub. We are Newry’s premier tuition centre for primary level children.

Our story

Education Support Hub was founded by Daniel Guiney due to the lack of education centres in Newry City. As an experienced teacher having taught all year groups, Daniel was all too aware of the pressure on local school teachers and the ever-expanding classroom sizes.

This strain on teachers has a negative impact on the pupil as time spent with the individual student is severely restricted. Daniel is passionate about offering a service that unlocks children’s full potential. Education Support Hub adapts schemes which are used in schools, so the student can apply their learning directly back into the classroom.

Classes catering for all primary levels continue throughout the summer in order to prevent summer learning loss, plug gaps and to get a head start on the next academic year.

For more information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or check out our frequently asked questions.